Wonderful Rocks
The unique natural phenomenon
The unique natural phenomenon The Wonderful Rocks (translated form Bulgarian) is located in a radius of 4km from the village of Asparuhovo, near the road Provadia – Aitos and the railway line Varna – Plovdiv. The Wonderful Rocks represent three arrays of ten formidable rocks, which rise at 40 – 50 meters above the dam of Tsonevo. The Rocks have formed as a result of centuries-long gradual process of sedimentation. This magnificent natural phenomenon consists of three arrays, which from a distance look like towers of a middle age castle. At the base of each array was created a tunnel, so the three arrays are connected with a road, which passes through them. Another similar place of interest are the rocks, which offer the tourists a breathtaking terrain for rock climbing. The 8 routes that are much preferred by the professional rock climbers are located at a short 10 minute walk from the Wonderful Rocks. On one of these routes was carried out the national Bulgarian championship in rock climbing
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